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Selection Process

A 'Model' Agreement Contains The Following : Company's terms and Conditions with the recruiting agent with regards to visa, immigration, tickets (PTAs), deployment period, place of deployment, contract period, etc. Employee's salary structure and other welfare benefits like benefits, bonus, overtime, duty hours, holidays, etc.

Details of accommodation, transport, food and other facilities, if any to be provided to the employees. Selection and work guarantee of employees (to be provided by the recruiting agent.) Any other clause, which the company might like to include in the agreement.

Power Of Attorney & Demand List : Power of Attorney, as the word suggests, is a letter of authority issued by the company to the recruiting agent authorizing him to select and recruit people on behalf of the client and to deal with the local authorities like consulate/ embassy / foreign affairs office.

Demand List is a detailed document, incorporating details of the types of workers to be recruited along with their salaries, duty hours and the total number workers recruited for each category.

As we mentioned earlier, better the people, stronger the organization. Keeping in mind the hardships ours clients face in getting the visas, we value each and every visa and hence our tough selection procedure helps us in proving the right talent to our client.

After receiving the job profile of a particular trade, form our client we shortlist the candidates either through our data bank, or by advertisement. For each post, we keep at least three prospective candidates ready in order to have a better choice.

All candidates are summoned for a personal introduction and only after that, depending on their capability, we test them practically.

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