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Recruitment Process

Testing :Taiba Overseas Consultant is also associated with trade testing Institute and Medical Centers. Trade Testing Institutes helps in testing the skills of a person. We have facilities to test all types of categories like masons, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, welders, drivers, mechanics, HVAC technicians etc. We have well experienced engineers who are capable of testing all categories of candidates. After the testing is complete, grading is given to the applicants on the basis of their performance. For e.g. a candidate with A+ is excellent (80%), whereas the one with 'C' is graded incapable.

Visa Processing &Mobilizing : Most of the GCC countries require a medical examination of the candidates before his visa process starts. Lf the candidate is found medically fit, then we start visa process.

Deployment : After completing the visa process, We start deploying the manpower.

Recruiting people who are wrong for the organization can lead to increased labour turnover, increased costs for the organization, and lowering of morale in the existing workforce. There is always a need to sift the perfect candidate from the vast in flux of candidates. A recruitment consultant is responsible for its clients to recruit perfect staff. Over the period of time we have developed and understanding of our client's requirements in identifying and selecting the potential candidate.

At Taiba Overseas Consultant, the sifting is done at various stages of the recruitment to ensure the selection of the best possible resource. These stages are:

Stage —l                                         — Stage -ii
A) Contract Negotiation          A) Selection Process
B) Power Of Attorney & Demand List B) Deployment of Manpower

Contract Negotiation : This is the first step towards building the mutually beneficial relationship between us and our client. This agreement is very simple and contains all required details.

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