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Deployment of Manpower

Each practical test is done keeping in view two factors, quality and efficiency. It is not necessary that an efficient worker will be a good worker and vice versa, Only those candidates who are efficient and good in work selected and graded. There are some clients who authorize us for final selection of manpower and there are others who prefer to select the manpower themselves. Whatever the case, these short listed resumes are presented before the client who makes the final selection by personally interviewing them. In today's jet age, time is of essence and keeping that in mind we also have video conferencing facilities for those clients who are unable to come for selecting the candidates but still prefer to atleast screen them through video-conferencing.

Taiba Overseas Consultant is one of the few recruiting agencies which take full guarantee ofthe selected candidates. Out tough selection procedure ensure that only top grade candidates are sent to the clients. Hence, you can trust us completely for providing you quality manpower.

The main key for any organization's efficient growth is a planned deployment strategy. Since the cost of manpower is the single largest cost factor in an organization, we have established to provide excellent staff in all categories — skilled, semiskilled, unskilled and professional manpower based on the demand of our clients.

Most of our clients provide us with a deployment schedule along with other documents. A deployment schedule incorporates the place and timing of deployment. Sometimes deployment is also category-wise. At Taiba Overseas Consultant, we believe that it is the team work which can make the difference Working collaboratively is fundamental to success.

Timely deployment is the key to this entire recruiting process. Accordingly the candidates are booked for flight and in turn these flight details are given to the client so that they can receive their personnel. At Taiba Overseas Consultant, we strictly adhere to the client's deployment schedule.

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